"Merely chanting Mantras, offering Namaz, going to Church or Gurdwara is not religion. These are methods of worship and these methods are certainly not Religion - Religion means Duty performance with sharp sense of duties towards other fellow human beings and the highest Religion – NATIONALISM"

BHARTIYATA (Indian Nationalaty)
There is a religion higher than religion itself - it is the INDIAN NATIONALITY. The swirl of the Tricolour never fails to move a indian . For we believe, it is the great feeling that transcends all castes, creed and sects. Bharatiyata Celebrated on every 26th of January and 15th of August with a spirit and gaiety rarely seen.It comes from our heart.


Nation should always be placed above religion. We all have every right to performPooja, Ibadat, Ardas and Prayer inside our homes, but no sooner we come out of our houses we should be Indians and only Indians.

All humans have the natural eagerness to look forward to festivals, carnivals and get-togethers with absolute emotional anticipation. It is these days which strengthen and add a sparkle to the life and shall always continue to do so. In fact, these are the vital tonics that ensure long life to an individual, as well as, a full and healthy collective emotional co-existence. It helps to rejuvenate the psychological energy in human beings. This energy makes us superior to the other living beings on this planet. This psychological energy causes us to regard human values, develop senses, makes us emotional, lets us love & perform all our duties continuously with enthusiasm.

Within the tiny periphery of a family, everyone eagerly awaits birthdays, anniversaries and marriages. The neighbours, relatives and friends go up to greet them and shower them with gifts. But, they do not await these celebrations with the same emotional eagerness as the tiny family. Here it is more of a social obligation only.

Similarly, within a large periphery, comprising people from the same sect, religion or group, who eagerly await their festivals like Mahaveer, Buddha or Nanak Jayanti, Christmas, Id or Diwali and many more such festivals.

More festivals also mean more divisions of the large national family. Although all other sects join in the festivities and greet them, it is once again more of a social obligation only.

In trying to live within the limits of these small peripheries we are unduly dividing the emotional unity of our large Indian family. Thereby, we are not fully justifying the doctrines of “Collective Emotionalism within our diversities” and “Collective Emotionalism within the variety that is India”. There is no short-cut to unity without “Collective Emotionalism”. We also celebrate the birthdays of Mahaveer, Buddha or Nanak by religiously paying respect to them on their Jayantis. We also celebrate the birthdays of Christ on Christmas, of Prophet Mohammad on Bara Wafat, of Rama on Ramnavami, and of Krishna on Krishna Janmashtami. These strengthen the beliefs and inspire our society in small parts.

26th January - the day when the Indian Republic was born and 15th August, the day when our nation got independence is the biggest and the greatest festival for all Indians - Bharat Parva is the festival for the one Indian family which makes us feel proud of being an Indian. The biggest and the greatest festival for all Indians -'Bharat Parva'.

''jai bharat maa'' ''jai hind''

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